Vega Plast offers mould testing, sampling and pre-production services, providing the moulding data sheets containing all the machine parameters and cycle times if requested by the customer. Our punctual and precise service is planned by the customer and the production office and carried out on next-generation presses. All process parameters are adjusted by highly qualified personnel with thirty years of experience to achieve the highest levels of appearance, dimensional and functional quality expected. Particular attention is dedicated our mould test customers who are set up with a WiFi connection to allow them to interact with their company.

We have 14 injection moulding machines with clamping forces from 60 to 450 tonnes.

Each press has a control unit to adjust the temperature of the moulds from 5 to 120 °C, 24-zone hot chamber control unit and quick coupling connection for hydraulic and pneumatic movements.

We process the raw material according to the manufacturer’s specifications with modern dehumidifiers, dryers and mixers.

Vega Plast has a 6.5-tonne curtain sided truck for delivering and picking up goods, a raw material warehouse, a mould warehouse, a finished product warehouse and a quality control office at the service of customers.


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