Electrical discharge machining (EDM) subcontractor

Subcontracted electrical discharge machining (EDM) jobs

VEGA offers subcontracted electrical discharge machining services to the customer’s specifications according to needs. Our technicians will take care of the entire production process, including:

  • Electrode modelling
  • Electrode milling
  • Electrode dimensional surveys
  • Electrical discharge machining
  • Dimensional measurements of EDM area
  • We can work parts up to X 1000 Y600 Z 400 in size

The main features of electrical discharge machining are:

  • Possibility of working quenched and tempered or heat-treated hardened metal.
  • Possibility of making cuts and cavities impossible for conventional methods. The technique uses an electro-chemical process, not a mechanical one. Sharp edges can be obtained and ribs and cavities can be obtained with even with very complex shapes or profiles.


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